Quixxi at a glance

Quixxi is a collaborative development platform that bridges the gap between blockchain experts and traditional application developers. The platform will host service modules that utilise a range of blockchain-specific services and software libraries. In doing so, the barrier to access and to incorporate emerging technologies will be significantly lowered, and products will stay relevant in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
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Our goal

In recent years, blockchain technologies have revolutionised the way in which value is created, stored, and transferred, in addition to offering a myriad of new organisational possibilities. This emergence will rapidly change the expectations and needs of modern application developers.
We see a need to help more developers utilise these solutions, without having to devote excessive resources or time, to acquire a detailed technical understanding of the underlying service and associated security considerations.
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Meet the team

Quixxi is led by Giuseppe Porcelli, the company’s founder and CEO. Giuseppe has over 15 years experience in managing global software projects, and he is an innovation evangelist with a proven record of driving value for his team, partners, investors and businesses. For the rest of our core team, please see our website for more details.
Meet the Quixxi team

Quixxi’s location

We’re based in beautiful Sydney, Australia. See below for our contact information. You can also engage with us anytime on our social media channels.
Level 2, 6 The Corso Manly NSW 2095, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA


By developers, for developers

Quixxi is designed as a marketplace that connects application developers with innovative blockchain solutions, while incentivising the community to build creative products for the future. Simply put, this is a collaborative blockchain ecosystem where experts can be compensated for sharing, and developers have access to emerging technologies to build better products.
Taking a finer look at the Quixxi ecosystem, we can define subsets of users for the platform. The first being community developers, who are expert blockchain developers that can be compensated for submitting their own software to the marketplace. The second being client developers, who are seeking new tools powered by the blockchain to help them build better solutions, whether they’re for IoT devices, mobile apps, or any other digital solutions.
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A new type of developer marketplace

Quixxi is designed to become a marketplace that offers developers easy access to cutting-edge blockchain modules and software. Leveraging its multi-layered ecosystem, our platform will reduce transaction costs and inter-blockchain complexities, freeing developers to create innovative solutions more efficiently.
Quixxi is also designed to incentivize developers for building their own modules. In doing so, the platform will ultimately contribute to the broader blockchain community.
Finally, Quixxi is intended to be blockchain agnostic, as interaction with numerous blockchain platforms is a necessity. This is important for the long-term growth of the Quixxi marketplace, as it allows the platform to readily incorporate new technologies in the future.
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An overview of the Quixxi token (QXE)

Within any blockchain ecosystem, a token serves as digital assets that can be transferred between different parties. Such transfers are regulated in accordance to the rules defined within the contract that holds them. Tokens are the core accounting units that drive the exchanges of information and service on a given platform.

Using the Quixxi marketplace as an example, client developers can access service modules, from ERC-20 Agents, SWARM Resolvers to many more pre-built blockchain solutions, by spending QXE tokens. Such payments may be on a subscription basis where the module can be used without limitation during a specific time frame. Conversely, a per-use charge may also be levied if the module makes regular calls to blockchain applications. The specific type of payment will be dependant upon the designed service module, but all will be driven by the QXE token.

Another main use for QXE tokens is to reward application developers, also known as community developers, who build reliable and creative blockchain solutions and publish them on the marketplace. After the Quixxi team verifies its reliability, they will be made available via the marketplace for the entire developer network to access. This will help the broader blockchain community expand and grow in a sustainable way.
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QXE, powered by Ethereum

The Quixxi marketplace is designed to be blockchain agnostic, allowing room for versatile integration with other blockchains in the future. However, it is a reality that these tokens must exist on a particular blockchain in order to serve as a decentralised cryptocurrency. Therefore, QXE tokens will be deployed on the most appropriate blockchain as the requirements of the platform evolve.

Currently, the Ethereum blockchain appears to offer the greatest flexibility and security for issuance of tokens, therefore the first iteration of QXE will be implemented as an ERC-20 smart contract on Ethereum. As the ecosystem evolves, it may be possible that Ethereum no longer remains the most suitable platform for QXE, at which time QXE will be migrated to an alternative platform.
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Token Distribution Events (TDEs)

A TDE is a way for tokens to be distributed to the public. It is a way for teams to raise the necessary funds for the completion of their project. TDEs typically include two phases: A private pre-sale and a public sale. The former allows the team to sell tokens to early adopters and accredited investors, while the latter opens up the event to the general public.
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The Quixxi TDE structure

We plan to kick off our pre-sale phase in Q2, 2018, where QXE tokens will be open for public purchase. Contributions will be accepted in BTC and ETH, with a total of 100 million QXEs allocated at genesis. 70 million tokens will be distributed during the entire TDE and 30 million will be retained by Quixxi. Currently, the exchange between QXE and ETH is 2,000:1.
Throughout the entire TDE, from private pre-sale to the public sale, there will be an early purchase bonus. All tokens will be locked in until the completion of the entire TDE, at which point contributors will receive their purchased share. For more details please read our token distribution overview.
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Ways to contribute

First off, we appreciate your support in helping our team launch this project. If you are looking to contribute in the Quixxi TDE, please visit tde.quixxi.com to sign up and stay informed when the TDE goes live. Once the event begins, you may also find the wallet address to make your contribution on the same website.

Recommended wallets

There are many options for wallets used to store tokens, depending on your personal need and preference. However, we recommend using wallets such as Jaxx (software wallet) and Nano Ledger S (hardware wallet) for their ease-of-use and security.

Local Regulation

While we appreciate your support, please be sure that you read the terms and conditions set out in the sign-up form before you commit to any project. You are responsible for complying with the regulation that fits your geographical location regarding TDE contributions; Quixxi is not liable for any violation caused.

Sign up and follow us

To receive the most up-to-date information about our project, visit our website at tde.quixxi.com and subscribe to our email newsletter. You can also follow us on social media (links at bottom of the page) and engage with us daily.

Read our paper and sale information

For more details on any questions listed in this section, please see our white paper and token distribution overview. You can find these two documents on our website at tde.quixxi.com.

What is your roadmap?

For a list of key project milestones that lie ahead, please consult the token distribution overview for more details.
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